Economic Consulting

PRELIMINARY PHASE: "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

The purpose of this phase is to assist investors in either taking or refraining from the first step. We do a very general research aiming to assess the risk of entering a business. If the project looks promising, the investor can take the first step with confidence. In case where a project does not look attractive or the risk appears too high, the investor has saved the cost and time of going into a full feasibility study.
A preliminary research is both quick, useful and economical. So we recommend the preparation of preliminary research for the following groups:



The organization that is off to a good start usually has better chances for success. Our interest is in increasing the chances for success of a project by assisting investors and decision-makers to proceed from the preparation phase through to the start-up transitions and then into operation.
The decisions made in the preparation stage are usually long-term decisions. These decision vary from where the preference of selection of the factory site, how to market the products and how much to invest.
Thus, choosing a consultant who can prepare the feasibility study, in fact, is a major step. The consultant will be assisting the decision-maker with some of the key long-term decisions that can have an affect on the operations in future.
What makes a feasibility study by OBCB different from most of the other consulting offices? At OBCB, when we prepare a feasibility study, we attempt to give the decision-maker a general view of the business functions and we advise a strategy that lead the investor to his eventual target and common goal. This common goal should be achievable since it has to be implemented.

Strategy Consulting

"There are three types of people, those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happen" Successful managers recognize that they must be of the first type "those who make things happen".
They recognize that managing a business is not a static process but a dynamic one. They also recognize that they have both external and internal challenges to overcome.
At OBCB we believe our clients are organizations led by managers of this type. Two general services that managers request are:


The industry study gives a decision maker a helicopter view of the industry. It attempts to answer questions such as what acts on the industry as a whole, how is the industry behaving and how the participants (competitors) are reacting to the challenges.
A company study is the best suited when a manager recognize the challenges he must face but requires a true reflection of his organization. He recognizes the importance of understanding the organization's resources and the constraints he faces.
By providing theses services, OBCB adds value by placing the decision maker in a better position to make a key decision.

Production Strategy

It sounds strange to some managers when we bring up the idea of a production strategy. However, when one stops to think, most of the organizations have a high percentage of their resources allocated to production (machines, buildings, manpower). Therefore a production strategy that is not in tune with other strategies of the organization will amount to under utilization of resources. Most successful organizations have a production strategy even though it may not be clearly written out. The production strategy must answer a basic question "what must manufacturing do in order for marketing to win orders".
In our approach to studying a client's manufacturing operation, we keep in mind the importance of resources utilization. Underutilized resources should be diverted to other parts of the organization where needed. To assist decision makers in improving the utilization of resources we have added to our library a database for used and refurbished machines. New machines are not the answer to everyone's problem as there is a large supply of good refurbished machines at approximately one third the price of the new value. We have two objectives for adding the database for second hand machines and both offer managers more flexibility in their operations:

This has been successful with two existing factories, where one investor saved 50% of the initial investment of his project. The other factory has returned to this database twice for adding machines to its existing operations.
OBCB is management consulting office that specializes in providing management consulting services, tailored to a client's needs. Our objective is to participate in the development of business that is interested in manufacturing in Saudi Arabia.
We not only have an interest in this aspect of business, but also the experience to support it. One member of our staff has previously set up a manufacturing concern in Riyadh. He has been exposed to many experiences that face any start up operation. Omar Bahlaiwa having eleven years of experience in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund availed him to witness the success and failure of projects in various industries. The approach to consulting we offer our clients is a practical approach and not academic. We keep in mind that what we propose to our clients must be implemented and not only read and shelved.
The objectives of OBCB are not to provide information services that offer managers guidelines for decision making OBCB's specialization is in assisting organizations that plan to start or are already involve in manufacturing. Our services can be utilized by investor, existing firms and financial institutions.

Pre–Operative Phase

OBCB is the best suited to help investors through the second phase. In this phase an investor applies for an industrial license, a loan from SIDF and other financial institutions. All these applications are usually supported by a feasibility study that communicates investor's ideas, plans and expectations.
OBCB approach to preparing a feasibility study relies on understanding the three key functions of a business (marketing, production and finance) and the way they support each other. At OBCB we believe that for a company to succeed, the business should be based on its ability to fulfill an in satisfied need, or provide a service to the client…., and on a marketing strategy that addresses the entity's plans in how to compete in the business environment. The production strategy should be supportive of the marketing strategy in answering "what production must do in order for marketing strategy in to win orders". The financial strategy should be able to recognize the financial implications of both strategies and assess how much financial risk the company is willing to assume.


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