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OPTIMUM BUSINESS CONSULTING BUREAU (OBCB) is a Saudi specialized consulting office established and based in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia in 1990. Since its establishment, OBCB has been able to assist its clients in marketing, production, financial and planning strategies and issues. In this respect OBCB has undertaken many studies for local, foreign and joint local – foreign business ventures covering wide areas of investment.. Our interest in this field of consulting is backed by a wealthy of work experience.

Omar A. Bahlaiwa , the founder of this office , has seven years of experience with the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF). During that period, he reviewed and appraised many projects feasibility studies for loan seekers. His experience in this regard is a wealthy one and enabled him to stand witness to the emergence of many successful projects. In addition Mr. Bahlaiwa has an intensive experience in local and international private sector field.

Beside its founder, OBCB Consultants Staff enjoys vast experience that extends for over twenty years in the fiIn 2006 OBCB established its engineering division (telecommunication and energy sector). We are providing services in fixed network and looking forward to provide services in mobile telecommunication and GSM areas.

We also provide highly skilled engineers, technicians and other skilled staff to different telecommunication and electrical companies. eld of consultancy services inside and outside Saudi Arabia.


OBCB offers it's international clients who wish to explore the opportunity of doing business in Saudi Arabia this very local knowledge, expertise and experience. We offer end –to-end investment advisory and facilitation services from helping our international clients set-up local offices, hire staff, deal with government agencies and establish a network of contacts to conducting in-depth techno-economic feasibility studies that present business cases for setting up commercial and industrial ventures in Saudi Arabia to raise and mobilizing finances.

We want to bring foreign business and capital to Saudi Arabia because we are excited about the commercial opportunity the country offers and the successes our previous clients have had.

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